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My name is Hayley Kanbara, and I'm a graphic designer and  digital illustrator.  I received my Bachelor's of Science in Graphic Design at Huntington University Peoria campus in Arizona.  My work ranges from logo designs for clients to character designers for animated short films.  My hobbies include creating original characters, visual development, and logo designs to improve my skills, as well as watching true crime and HGTV on my spare time.

Check out my Behānce account to explore personal work not shown on my portfolio, including the progress of pieces shown on this site.

Feel free to explore my site, and thank you for checking out my portfolio!



Being a digital artist, I strive to create art through the use of different programs to help give my projects a professional feel.  This journey started off with pencils and notebooks, and years later, it has become something bigger with the help of technology.  I chose creating digital art because of all the advantages of creating through computers, all the things you could do through programming than traditional tools.  I can add magic to my art that cannot be done so easily through paint or charcoal.  


I have always found some sort of comfort in designs from the mid to late 20th century.  Something about the use of subtle colors and decorative fonts in old ads gives me a sense of nostalgia, and there is a sort of timelessness to these old pieces.  People remember this vintage aesthetics because they are memorable.  I see vintage in designs from the mid 20th century, and nostalgia from the late 20th century.  I take these inspirations from the past and present them in my art pieces through my character designs and my own personal logo.


As a graphic designer, I want to help small businesses that are getting their foot in the door.  I want to help these businesses by creating a logo that will help them stand out and make potential customers see them.  With my experience in logo design, I can help create a logo that is simplistic, but helps give a business its identity.  My experience with color can help give a business’s unique logo a color palette that will help the logo stand out.  I want to help give the smaller businesses a chance in success.


As an illustrator, I enjoy creating characters that range from over-the-top to an everyday average joe.  My favorite characters to draw are creatures with a bit of a twist, or classic monsters that live an average life.  When I design original characters, I enjoy adding detail to help give each character their own personality, and sometimes even help give them a story.  That is what is important about character design, making a viewer interested in a character’s story.  I am also interested in learning visual development because a story can always be told through what you create, whether it be background art of a fantasy world to a visual concept of an old bedroom of a haunted house.


Even after everything I have learned over the years, there is still so much to learn as a graphic designer and illustrator.  I continue to improve my knowledge in making a great logo, great character designs, and even try out new fields in digital art such as 3D modeling and web design.  My goal, like all graphic designers, is to get my foot in a door in the world of digital art.  I hope that one day my brand become recognized in the graphic design industry and will help drop me off down the rabbit hole of success in my life as a graphic designer. 

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